How to Work your Bookkeeping and Accounting Firm

As accounting and tax professionals we often forget that the process of both hiring and working with bookkeeping and accounting firms can be a confusing and difficult tasks for many of our clients.  This confusion is driven primarily by the fact that both the needs and details of each business are different.  In addition, just like businesses, each bookkeeping and accounting firm has it's own differences in services, processes and capabilities.  In all decisions regarding the hiring and use of tax and accounting professionals the selection of a professional firm that matches the needs of the customer is the first step in ensuring that the client receives the services it wants and needs.

There are a variety of providers in the bookkeeping industry.  To be a "bookkeeper " there is no requirement of any certification by any state or regulatory agency. This " low barrier to entry" means that in looking for a bookkeeper many of the providers cannot be vetted through the review of licenses and possible complaints. This does not mean that a independent, unlicensed bookkeeper is no good.  It just means that you need to do another type of research. In the absence of a state agency license the best way to vet the potential capabilities of a bookkeeper is word of mouth, referrals or possibly certifications from software providers like Quickbooks, HR block and other software providers.

At Los Angeles Bookkeeping our primary goal is to provide a increased level of capabilities and service than the typical independent bookkeeper. The first step in providing meaningful accounting services to any of our clients is the understanding the the clients business. The primary points of understanding include, the client industry, internal capabilities of the client, and how management intends to use the information.

At Los Angeles Bookkeeping, our fully licensed CPA, Enrolled Agents and tax professionals have decades of experience working with thousands of businesses in a variety of industries.  This experience allows us to bring the wide range of expertise to all of our clients.  It also allows us to identify the needs of the client and how to provide the services needed with cost as a primary consideration.

Understanding the internal capabilities of our clients is another important factor in determining the the type and nature of service to provide to our clients. In determining the details of services to provide to our clients cost is generally a consideration. In many cases our clients have internal staff and capabilities and are looking to our firm to provide a additional level of capability. In many cases we advise our clients to continue to internally staff to provide day to day services and use LA Bookkeeping services to provide higher level tasks and reporting.

In the area of finances and accounting there will always be some services and tasks that all businesses need.  All businesses need to file income tax, report to federal, state and local agencies, comply with payroll reporting requirements, etc. However, all industries are different, all owners and managers are different.  LA bookkeeping can provide a customized service plan that ensures compliance with all regulatory requirements and provides the information needed for your business to be successful. Contact us by phone at 310-765-1596 or by email at